Why Aluminum Is Toxic

A recent study published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Health (Sep 20) suggests that aluminum, found in aluminum and aluminum sulfate, may be a contributing factor to a number of diseases and conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers found that people with high levels of aluminum in their body had a significantly higher risk of developing a range of health conditions including autism spectrum disorders, kidney disease, and Parkinson’s disease, as well as Alzheimer’s.

Aluminum is an alloy of aluminum and magnesium.

Its primary use is in the manufacture of aluminum-containing objects like aluminum Christmas trees, and the compound has been used to create many other products.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), aluminum can have several health effects.

For example, the compound may increase the risk of bone fractures, a risk that increases as people age, the agency states.

Alcohol and other toxins in aluminum are known to have a toxic effect on the body, especially if they’re inhaled.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley found that a quarter of all alcohol-related deaths were linked to the presence of aluminum.

Aluminum compounds can also be toxic when they’re absorbed through the skin.

According to the Environmental Protection Commission, the average dose of aluminum from drinking water is about 10 parts per million.

In the paper published in JEL, the researchers said that aluminum sulfates can be used to coat surfaces in an attempt to prevent corrosion.

The compounds can then act as an antifoam that helps to protect against water and other contaminants.

Aluminium sulfates are also used in paint and other products, according to the EPA.

The researchers noted that the compounds have a range that can vary depending on the type of material they’re used on.

Some of the compounds can have a pH value of 4.6 or lower, which means they’re highly alkaline.

Alumina is also used to make aluminum.

It is a component of aluminum that is used in aluminum, aluminum sulfide, aluminum silicate, aluminum powder, and aluminum powder coatings.

Aluminium sulfate can also cause a number other health problems, including kidney disease and liver disease, according the researchers.

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