When does Australia need a metal fence post?

AUSTRALIA’S MILITARY NEEDS MORE OF ALCAR FENCE POSTS AS WELL AS MORE ANTI-ROTTERDAMAGE RIGGING ALUMINUM FENCE FORCE APPROACHES MILITIAS ANTI ROTTERDIAMAGE APPROaches military to military to stop the rise of ISIS in Afghanistan article Military to military will need more fencing posts as Australia continues its fight against the Islamic State group, as Australia’s Defence Minister says Australia’s military needs more fencing.

In a speech in Canberra on Friday, Defence Minister Stephen Smith said Australia needed more fencing as well as anti-riot barriers, as ISIS attacks increased in Afghanistan.

He said Australia was seeing “a real, growing threat” from ISIS and it was time to invest more in the country’s defences.

“I’ve been saying for years that we need more of these posts in the bush, and the latest is a very strong indication that that’s the case,” Mr Smith said.

“We’ve seen a real, increasing threat from ISIS.

Mr Smith said it was important to remember that Australia’s army had “an obligation to protect” people in harm’s way and it should not take lightly the risks of using force.””

We have seen an increase in the number of Australians who have been radicalised and that’s why we need to invest in more fencing in the Northern Territory and elsewhere.”

Mr Smith said it was important to remember that Australia’s army had “an obligation to protect” people in harm’s way and it should not take lightly the risks of using force.

“If you are in a bush or in an area where there’s an actual threat, you need to have the right precautions to protect yourself,” he said.

He did not give a timeline for when fencing posts would be needed.

But the Defence Minister said there were already plans for new fencing in some areas, such as a fence along the Gold Coast.

“In the bush we have fences on both sides of the river, and we have the new fencing that’s going to be put up along the river,” he told reporters.

“But it’s just a matter of the planning and the funding that goes into it.”

The new fencing will be put in place over the next year or two.”‘

It is our responsibility to stop terrorism’Mr Smith also said Australia should not ignore the dangers of “radicalised” people leaving Australia for Australia.”

It is my responsibility to get to grips with the radicalisation of the Australian people,” he added.”

And the terrorists have shown that they are very capable of doing harm, so we need our intelligence agencies to get better at identifying them.

“He said the “fear of terrorism” was “not an excuse” to allow people to leave Australia and he said the government was working with the Federal Government to strengthen anti-terrorism laws.”

Our priority as a country is to stop this threat from being a threat to our people and we do that through strong anti-terrorist legislation,” he argued.

Mr Smith added the Australian Federal Police had seen an “increased number” of Australians leave Australia in recent months, with more than 50 Australians believed to have left Australia since July.”

So we’re not only working with our partners in the Federal Police and in the Commonwealth, we’re also working with police in our own region, working with local councils,” he claimed.”

They’re working with us to get the fences up, and they’re working on it.

“The more fencing that goes up, the more people that are coming over and the more security measures that we can put in, the better off we’re going to make ourselves and the safer we are.”ABC/AAP

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