Westbury, New York: A new ‘urban’ building will serve as a model for other American cities to build ‘urban cities’

Westbury , New York, New Jersey, USA—A new “urban” building that will serve up to 3,000 residents, a massive outdoor park, and a park-like garden with the addition of two new buildings have just been unveiled by developer New York-based developer G-Unit.

The building is known as the Westbury City Center, named after the area where it will be built, and it will house more than a million square feet of retail and residential space.

The tower will be one of the largest residential developments in the world, with the equivalent of approximately 200 parking spaces.

The “smart city” will also include the “first and only smart urban building in the United States” and the largest public art installation in New York City history, according to G-Class.

“Our design is a model that will lead other cities to create similar buildings that are built with a similar sense of purpose,” said G-Line founder and CEO, Tom Pritzker.

“This is the future of New York.”

“The future of urbanism is to be built from the ground up,” said Pritzkers CEO, Mark Cohen.

“The Westbury project is a critical first step in that direction.

New York will lead the way by embracing a new model of urban design that has the potential to transform our city and its residents.”

The towers will be constructed of aluminum sides, aluminum cups, aluminum railing, glass and glass-reinforced concrete, and an asphalt surface.

The buildings will feature “urban-inspired” design elements and materials that G-Grade will utilize in future projects.

G-Buildings is a joint venture between G-Studio, the company behind the New York Times bestselling book Urbanist, and Pritzkys firm, G-Ease.

“We believe this will be a transformative project for the city of Westbury and will be an important example of what is possible when a new vision for the future is created in New Yorks vision,” Pritzkus said.

G Buildings’ other projects include a multi-billion dollar mixed-use project in Westchester County, New Yorkers most expensive apartment project, and the building of a new shopping mall in Queens.

“Westbury City will be the beginning of a global trend of smart cities that is poised to be the foundation for a global economic and social movement that will create new jobs, improve quality of life and improve quality-of-life for the citizens of New York and across the world,” Pritzeks statement said.

Development Is Supported By

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