3D Printed Aluminum Road Gates with Anti-Aliasing Technology

The world of 3D printing has been exploding with applications in everything from cars to electronics, but a few months ago a startup called Alifamim started making aluminum road signs.It’s not just any aluminum road sign.They are specifically designed to withstand harsh weather and are designed to be 3D printed from aluminum powder.It has the […]

Which aluminum patio walls are good for rusting?

By now, you’re probably familiar with the story of a few people in California who spent weeks in the woods after an aluminum patio was stolen from their driveway.The problem: the aluminum rust was too large to be removed with a screwdriver, and the aluminum was corroding the edges of the patio’s metal edges.(It was […]

How to Replace an Aluminum Fuel Tank Gate

Aluminum fuel tanks are a common fixture on your garage or driveway.The key to keeping them clean is not to allow them to get dirty, according to Dr. Scott Eckerly, an environmental and health specialist and associate professor at the University of Maryland.“I would recommend that you keep your garage doors closed, you would want […]

What you need to know about aluminum pool gates

A 3-D-printed aluminum pool gate was used to seal a 3,000-square-foot garage gate in a small California town.The aluminum, designed to withstand corrosion, cost about $5,000.The 3-d printer company 3D Systems made the aluminum out of a metal alloy called Aluminium, a mineral with a low melting point that has attracted interest from 3-M and […]

How to buy a car with aluminum, a new coin that uses blockchain technology

CoinFox – CoinFox is a cryptocurrency news website that focuses on the altcoins and blockchain.They publish stories on new cryptocurrency innovations, new ICOs, and blockchain startups.They have recently published a report on how to buy your first car with an aluminum door.The article covers the basics of buying a car from the seller, the paint […]

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