The next generation of aluminum wheelchair ramps for the US

In the US, aluminum wheelchair ramp construction has largely been relegated to the edges of public spaces, especially in rural areas.While there have been a few small-scale projects, like one in Colorado Springs, the majority of ramp installations are in the city limits.But as the country gets closer to autonomous vehicles and other forms of […]

India’s aluminum shortage hits gold-mining industry

In a bid to curb the growing global supply of aluminum, India is cracking down on mining companies.The country’s government announced in November that the country’s metal mining industry, which is dominated by gold mining, would be suspended by July, which means that the gold and silver reserves would be depleted by July.The government says […]

Aluminum patio covers for dogs go on sale

A dog-friendly aluminum patio cover is going on sale in Canada for $8.99.It comes in three sizes: a 5-inch, 6-inch and 7-inch.The smaller, 5-in.version is $4.99, while the larger, 6.5-in., 7-in and 8-in versions are $8, $11 and $14 respectively.The cover is manufactured by a company called Kaleidoscope, which specializes in dog-safety products.The company says […]

How to get the most out of aluminum welding

The best part about aluminum welding is you can actually get the job done.And that’s why a large number of companies, especially in the automotive industry, use aluminum to make all kinds of parts.The aluminum alloy, which is made from carbon, is used in all sorts of parts, including those used to make windshields, door […]

How to buy a car with aluminum, a new coin that uses blockchain technology

CoinFox – CoinFox is a cryptocurrency news website that focuses on the altcoins and blockchain.They publish stories on new cryptocurrency innovations, new ICOs, and blockchain startups.They have recently published a report on how to buy your first car with an aluminum door.The article covers the basics of buying a car from the seller, the paint […]

Are You Looking For a NEW Way to Renew Aluminum?

In the US, the cost of aluminum is up about 10% since 2006.A report by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that in 2015, the average US household spent $20,824 per year on aluminum, up from $19,567 in 2006.The price has risen as people have been able to recycle older aluminum cans for use in new […]

Aluminum shed: $10.6 billion worth of homes in Oregon to be sold for $5.5 million

The price tag of the aluminum shed is $10 billion.The property is on the north side of the Alaskan town of Nome and sits on 1.3 acres.The city has about 2,400 homes and about 10 million square feet of commercial space.That means a new owner could put the property on the market for as little […]

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