NFL owners want to end salary cap freeze and raise players salaries

The NFL owners have reached a deal that will lift a decade-long lockout by giving players the option to choose between $2 million per year in escalator payments or $5 million per season in salary increases.

The two sides have agreed on the minimum salary increases for each team, and the NFLPA will work with the league to negotiate the total salaries that can be raised.

The players have agreed to the raises, and owners hope that the deals will provide a boost to the league’s bottom line.

The $1.8 billion salary cap has not been raised in five years, so teams are hoping for an increase of $100 million.

That would increase the cap from $147.8 million to $150 million and increase the amount of money the league receives from the federal government.

The league also hopes to increase the minimum wage, which is $11 an hour for most employees, to $15 an hour.

The owners agreed to pay the union $2.7 million for the last three years, and will give the union an additional $1 million for each year from 2018 through 2020.

The minimum wage is set to rise to $10 an hour starting in 2021, and it has been increasing each year since then.

The NFLPA has proposed raising it to $12.5 an hour by 2021, but that has not gone far enough.

The union will also ask the owners to give them the right to negotiate higher wages and benefits.

They also want to raise the number of regular-season games the NFL plays and the number the league can field annually.

The salary cap for this season is $153.7 billion, and for 2021 is $170.7.

If the owners approve the salary cap increases, the cap could hit $174.7 or $179.3 billion by 2022.

The NFL has said the deal will give players a $1,000 pay raise, but the deal has not yet been ratified by the league.

If the players vote to approve the deal, they will vote to raise players’ salary caps to $175 million by 2021 and $180 million by 2022, but only if the cap stays at $150.5 million.

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