Kaiser aluminium denies claims it dumped toxic chemicals on Kalgoorlie – News.co.nz

KALGOORLEI, Australia – A group of Australians is seeking legal action against the aluminium giant over claims the company dumped toxic chemical chemicals on a remote town.

Key points:The group is demanding compensation for the deaths of four Kalgoorees who died from the toxic chemicalsKaiser Aluminum said the chemicals were not used on Kalgos homesKaiser told local media the chemicals did not come from its Kalgoors homesKaizer said it had a policy to protect Kalgoores environmentKaiser said the Kalgooria Environment Protection Agency (KEPA) has “a very clear understanding” about the toxic substance, which was not used in its homes.

The group said it would file a complaint to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

Key Points:The Kalgoori town of Kalgoorie has become the focus of the Kalgoland inquiryAfter two deaths, the Kalgowors community is now being investigated by the Kalgothee regional coroner, the group said.KEPA said it has an obligation to protect the health and safety of Kalgoree residents, and that “there is a clear understanding between the company and the local community”.KEPA’s director of investigations, Paul Kelly, said the company has a policy of using a mix of non-hazardous chemicals to control air pollution and water pollution in Kalgoora.

“We can’t ignore it, we can’t tolerate it, and we are very confident that we have been in compliance with all the health guidelines and all the guidelines of the Department,” he said.

“I don’t know of any cases where the Kalgaos environment has been compromised or damaged in any way.”‘

We’ve had an incredible amount of misinformation’KEPA chief executive officer Paul Kelly says he has been “overwhelmed” by the number of responses from the Kalgomoor community, which he described as “a really wonderful community”.

“I think what we’ve been seeing over the last six months is an incredible level of misinformation from the public, I think from the media,” he told reporters.

“The level of negativity we’ve seen from the community is staggering, and it’s really been an incredible outpouring of support and support for us.”

The Kalgoworlie regional coroner has ordered an independent investigation into the deaths.

A Kalgoma woman has filed a civil claim for damages against the company, which has been told it is not responsible for the toxic chemical.

The Kalgomoo River is considered to be one of Australia’s most important waterways.

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