Is aluminum magnetic?

A US scientist is challenging the idea that aluminum is magnetic in vaccines after testing his theory that the coating used in vaccines is not magnetic.

“It turns out the aluminum coatings in vaccines aren’t magnetic at all,” said Andrew Wittenberg, an expert on vaccines and immunology at the University of Pennsylvania.

He said the coatings are mostly composed of polymeric compounds and have been known to attract light.

“When you use the same coatings, they’re much more stable and less likely to break,” Wittenburg said.

He is the author of a study in the journal Science that looked at aluminum coatages in vaccines made by several manufacturers and found they did not affect the immune system in the slightest.

Wittenberg said he had previously tried to convince the vaccine manufacturers to switch from using aluminum to polymeric coatings but found the switch was difficult.

“I think they were convinced by the evidence that aluminum coatations were more stable,” he said.

“The problem was that they were not going to change their vaccines,” he added.

“They were not willing to take that risk,” he explained.

The question of aluminum shielding has been a hot-button issue in the US and around the world in recent months as evidence has been mounting that aluminum in vaccines could pose a risk to people with compromised immune systems.

“Aluminum is a neurotoxin and it is a toxin that we need to protect against,” said US Rep. Katherine Clark, who has pushed for a ban on aluminum in vaccine, adding that she was “not impressed” with the evidence for aluminum’s safety in vaccines.

Clark, whose district includes Philadelphia, has called on the US Department of Health and Human Services to issue a new vaccine to be made with aluminum, which is already widely used in some vaccines, such as the flu shot.

Wartenberg said the study showed that aluminum was not a major problem.

“There was no aluminum in the vaccine,” he told Al Jazeera.

“In fact, we were able to show that aluminum didn’t have any impact on the immune responses in the vaccinated person.”

Aluminum can be found in a variety of products, including the aluminum foil used in many baby formula bottles, which was used in the study, he said, adding it was a common misconception that the aluminum in most vaccines had been phased out.

“We have seen aluminum foil in many, many vaccines.

And it is still in vaccines,” Wartenberg told Al-Jazeera.

He also said there was no evidence that vaccines made with polymeric aluminum would be more toxic or more dangerous than vaccines made using aluminum foil.

“That’s a completely ridiculous notion,” he concluded.

“If aluminum coaties are going to be toxic, it would be far more likely to be a carcinogen,” he warned.

He was also not convinced by Wittenburger’s claim that aluminum-containing vaccines are more likely than others to be contaminated with bacteria.

“Bacteria are the only ones that cause aluminum toxicity, and aluminum is very stable,” Wessenberg said.

“The aluminum is being removed from the vaccine by the bacteria and there’s not a lot of aluminum in there.”

Wittenburgers co-author, David Schoen, said aluminum was “a very stable metal that’s not particularly good at penetrating the human body”.

“We know that it’s stable in vaccines because the aluminum particles are very small and they don’t stick together very well,” he noted.

“So the aluminum does not get deposited in the lungs,” Schoen said.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed that the vaccines made from aluminum do not contain any form of aluminum.

The aluminum in these vaccines is mainly derived from polyethylene (PE), a common plastic used in most food containers.

Polyethylene, a component of many household cleaners, has also been implicated in a number of serious health issues including cancer.

The FDA said in October that it had ordered the industry to clean up all of its manufacturing facilities and remove the toxic aluminum residue.

But Wittenberger said it is likely that the vast majority of vaccines made around the globe are made from polyester.

“Most of the time, we are seeing vaccines made in polyester that contain aluminum,” he argued.

“Because of this, we’re not seeing the problems that we’re seeing in vaccines that contain a lot more aluminum.”

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