How to make the perfect aluminum blinds

A simple, yet stylish, blind made from aluminum and made from the same basic design as the standard aluminum blind is about to make its debut on the Australian market.

Aluminium Mini Blinds will be available to order at the new Australian Tire Centre on Saturday, October 12th, starting at $45.

Alias will be on sale at a discounted price on October 14th, with a limited edition range available starting from November 2nd.

The aluminum blind, which comes in both standard and aluminum versions, has been designed to be used in conjunction with the new Alias Smart Connector system.

The smart-connector is a set of sensors, called Alias-Link, that monitors the temperature and other physical parameters of the user’s device and provides alerts that are delivered to the blind’s remote control.

These alerts are delivered via a small LED screen mounted on the top of the blind.

The Alias Mini blind will also have a battery life indicator to help you know how much time you’ll be able to keep the device plugged in and the battery life will be displayed when the device is plugged in.

This is the same functionality found in the Alias Pro Smart Connectors.

The blind will cost $50 AUD (about AU$80), but there’s a limited time only available for a limited number of models.

The only other model that is on sale is the Alisas MaxSmart Smart ConnectOR, which is priced at $65 AUD (around AU$90).

The Alisaws Smart ConnectORS are designed to connect to the internet and will have an optional wireless charging port.

A wireless charging cable is included with the blind, so you can charge it with your phone or tablet while wearing it.

If you need to charge the blind from a portable outlet, it can be powered by a USB-C or Lightning cable.

It can be also charged by USB-A.

The Smart Connectoras also come with an optional accessory pack, which includes a case, the Alios MaxSmart ConnectOR case, and the Alius Smart ConnectO charger.

The MaxSmart and MaxSmart Pro ConnectOR are priced at AU$99.95 and AU$109.95 respectively, while the MaxSmart Plus and MaxS Smart Connect are priced between AU$149.95 (around $129) and AU£149.99 (around £134).

Alias is expected to launch on October 12.

You can find out more about the Aliastrong Blind here.

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