How to avoid aluminum poisoning

An article that warns that aluminum in roof coatings is toxic and aluminum roofs may be dangerous, as well as an article that suggests aluminum roofs can cause cancer, has been removed from a website run by a nonprofit called American Lung Association.

A new version of the article has been posted on the association’s website and is still available.

“While the American Lung Assn.

has no official position on the safety or health of aluminum roofs, its goal is to educate people on the important role they play in reducing lung cancer and other lung disease,” the article says.

The Associated Press is not naming the nonprofit because of the pending litigation.

The AP is trying to locate the organization behind the article.

The article says that in its analysis, the AP found no evidence that aluminum roofing can increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

“The American Lung Associations website is a great resource for anyone who wants to know more about aluminum, and the results of our analysis are compelling,” said Laura Darnell, a spokeswoman for the organization.

The EPA has taken the article down.

The website’s administrator, Michael Pachter, said in an email that the article was removed for a variety of reasons, including concerns about “anonymous users who had posted comments” and because of “the possibility of liability from other parties.”

The AP has contacted the AP’s lawyers for comment.

Aluminum is used in roofing products as a coating for windows, doors and other materials.

It has been linked to cancer, kidney and other ailments.

EPA says aluminum roofs increase aluminum content of air The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said in a statement that the aluminum in aluminum roofs poses a health risk and recommends that all aluminum products use a material that is not aluminum.

“Based on the data we have reviewed, we do not believe that aluminum roofs present a risk of causing aluminum toxicity,” the statement said.

Aluminum roofing is not approved for use in residential buildings because of safety concerns, according to the EPA.

But the agency said in its statement that it has found no conclusive evidence that the material can increase aluminum in the air.

The Environmental Protection Administration also said aluminum roofs should not be used in outdoor areas because it can damage the air quality.

The agency said that aluminum is a “high-energy source” that contributes to climate change, which could cause the air to become polluted.

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