How much do you spend on your hair every month?

2/3/2017 10:05:23 The amount of money you spend per month on your haircuts and styling services is the most expensive in the world according to research from a research firm. 

Researchers at the non-profit Consumer Federation of America said they tracked data from the online hair marketplace Lush to find out what average spending is on haircuts across the country. 

Lush, a global marketplace that is often used to buy haircuts, found that Americans spent $3,092 per month for men’s haircuts. 

For women, it was $2,634 per month. 

That’s a huge gap, with Americans spending an average of $1,735 on haircut grooming services a year. 

“This data shows that there is a substantial gap between the price of haircuts for men and women,” said Scott Griesbach, research director at Consumer Federation, in a statement.

“And this gap is even more pronounced in some states where women spend a smaller share of their budgets on haircare services than men.” 

The gap is so wide that women can spend as much as $2.2 million on haircore treatments a year, according to the study. 

Griesbach noted that this is because haircare is such a pricey luxury. 

According to Lush, women spend on average $7.43 per hair on a weekly basis, compared to $12.11 for men. 

While there’s been a shift toward cheaper haircare options, this gap has widened, Griesbaus said. 

The company said that the average cost of haircare for men is $2 per haircut, but women pay $1.86. 

Women’s haircare costs a little more because of the need to use less hair shampoo. 

But they also spend more on haircares because the cost of those services is much higher than what women can afford to spend. 

Here’s what the average costs of haircares are for men, women, and other age groups: Men: $2 – $3 per haircut per week.

$6.29 for men with multiple haircuts per week, or $2 for men whose hair is longer than a few inches. 

Womens: $1 – $2 haircare per week for men ages 18 to 34.

$1 for women ages 18 and older. 

Haircuts: $4 per haircut for men; $3 for women. 

$2 haircuts or more for men: $6 per haircut.

$4 for men in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

$3.99 for men under age 40.

$2 hairstyles for women: $3 haircuts to women ages 50-64.

$0 for women over age 60. 

If you have to ask why women pay more on their haircare than men, Guesbach said, “It’s because women spend less money on grooming services, and this is not a good thing for women.” 

For men, the gap is particularly pronounced because they spend the majority of their time at home, working out, and eating. 

In addition, women’s haircares often have less care and more products in them than men’s, which means they have less time to spend on them, he added. 

These are all factors that are putting women at an advantage in the market for haircare, Giesbach said.

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